Saturday, May 14, 2016

Meagan turned 11 this year, and we are now into the second decade of our CF journey.

We continue to see encouraging stories of reasearch breakthroughs that are already changing what this disease means for CF patients and their families. We hear stories of CF patients doing amazing things at ages that were once thought impossible, and we see Meagan live a life as a typical pre-teen, spending her time and energy on typical pre-teen things.

But the toll of CF is still very much with us. We still hear of CF patients taken from us far too early. We still devote considerable time and energy to keeping Meagan healthy. And we always worry with every cough and every cold.
Next Sunday, May 22, we will walk with other CF supporters to move toward a world where the first kind of stories completely overshadow the second. A world where CF patients like Meagan and their families lead normal, productive lives free of the worries and work that are our constant companion.

It's always a fun time -- a family-friendly walk from the Space Needle along the waterfront, followed by food and live music.

I hope you can find a way to join us, either by walking with us, offering your financial support, or your good wishes.   

To join us or donate, please visit here.


John McGuinness