Sunday, February 21, 2016

The privilege of raising a child with a chronic illness.

You have probably seen me write here before about the challenges of raising a child with a chronic disease.
This is all true.
But, today, we got to watch Meagan and about 20 other chronically ill children take part in a "fashion show" for the summer camp for them that they attend. They got to pick out an outfit at Kohl's and walk around the room to a song of their choice. (Sorry, I didn't get pictures -- my social media optimization game is off).
We parents of these children, while having to overcome very real struggles, have a special privilege. While these children have suffered greatly, today, they had a joy that I'm not sure "normal" children will ever know, and we as their parents got to see and share it with them.
We also get to see a bright side of humanity in the many people who help take care of them -- doctors, nurses, teachers, therapists, volunteers, friends, our partners and ourselves.
You will probably see me mention the challenges again, and that is a very real and true part of the story. But these moments of joy are also a part of the journey as well.
And, if you'd like to learn more about the camp or donate, you can visit here:…/stanley-stamm-summer-camp/ The families of the children who go there do not pay anything, and it provides a great relief for these families, some of whom face even greater challenges then we do with Meagan.