Sunday, January 04, 2015

The Legacy of Ryan Lindley

Yesterday, Ryan Lindley capped off one of the worst months of quarterback play in history with perhaps the worst performance by a quarterback in playoff game history.  With him under center, the Cardinals turned from a dominant team to one that couldn't beat a sub .500 team that made several attempts to give the game away.

Most intelligent fans recognize that this isn't really his fault.  He was the third string quarterback, and outside of Columbus, most third string quarterbacks are not very good. He was thrown into water over his head, and responded about how one would expect him to.

Still, his name will likely be synonymous with incompetent quarterbacking from now forward, and it seems kind of unfair. If Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton had not gotten hurt, he would have remained pretty much anonymous. His legacy would mainly be his college career. Instead, his name will be a curse word in much of the Southwest.

Sometimes athletes escape the goat horns because the pressure goes to the coach or manager. Michael Wacha had about has bad an inning as he could possibly have in the decisive game in the NLCS against the Giants, but everyone recognized that manager Mike Matheny should have never put him in that position, In this case, it seems that Lindley was the Cardinals' best option. Maybe they could have come up with a game plan that would help him more (as Ohio St. did for Cardale Jones), but their hands were pretty much tied.

I just find it it interesting how quickly and profoundly someone's life can change.

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