Sunday, May 04, 2014

Please join us in 2 weeks to take Great Strides for a cure for Cystic Fibrosis!

Meagan begins each of her days by coming downstairs, preparing her medicines, and beginning her morning treatment routine.  This includes an inhaler similar to what most asthma patient takes, nebulized Pulmozyne and saline, and sometimes a nebulized antibiotic.  She takes these while her vest shakes her for her mucus.  She will repeat this regimen in the evening, and also take several pills each time she eats, as well as special vitamins, probiotics, and medicine to prevent hearburn.

While it is a relief to us to see her gaining this independence of her CF treatment, it also means that we have come further with still not cure.  And it also means that the disease is having more of an impact on her life. A cough is Meagan's near constant companion these days, rathern than just an occasional bother.  She is gaining awareness of how this can hold her back.

Globally, the good news is mixed with bad as well.  We hear of other CF patients making great improvements with new treatments, and new things coming down the pipeline.  We also hear of the disease taking people far too young, and others enduring long hospital stays and setbacks.

As we walk in 2 weeks, you can help us change balance, and increase the flood of good news.  It is a fun, family-friendly walk through Seattle Center, the waterfront, and Belltown.

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