Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Every Downton Abbey Episode Ever...

Downton Abbey has been moving quite swiftly from a kind of guilty soapy pleasure to a hatewatch.  This week's episode was especially uncreative, essentially a not-so Greatest Hits album of all the typical Downton Abbey points.  It approached self-parody in checking off:

  • Lord Grantham makes some grand gesture that makes him look good but may imperil the property.  He is bailed out by his daughters or their husbands/paramours.
  • Thomas and Cora's chamber maid conspire.
  • Mary is called upon by a suitor who certainly seems nice enough, but Mary's not so sure the timing's right.
  • Edith gets stringed along and taken advantage of.
  • One of the servants has ambitions beyond his current station, meeting with a mixture of disdain and encouragement from the other staff.
  • Daisy doesn't know how to respond to her feelings for one of the footmen.
  • Bates is certainly an upstanding decent man... unless he's really a raging murderer.
  • A new contraption is brought into the kitchen, and Mrs. Patmore doesn't like it one bit.
  • Tom is uncomfortable with his place.
  • Mrs. Hughes is trapped in a no-win moral situation.
  • Mosely catches a break, and blows it.
  • The Dowager Countess is reluctantly roped into one of Isobel's do-gooding schemes.
And, if it's an extra-special episode:

  • Someone dies horribly and unexpectedly.
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