Sunday, April 21, 2013

The stable franchises

For completeness, I'll talk the fortunes of the pro franchises that neither expanded note moved in the last 30 years.
New York Yankees
Chicago Bulls
Los Angeles Lakers
New England Patriots
San Francisco 49ers
Dallas Cowboys
Detroit Red Wings
Pittsburgh Steelers
Boston Celtics
New York Giants
San Antonio Spurs
Green Bay Packers
Edmonton Oilers
Pittsburgh Penguins
Montreal Canadiennes
St.  Louis Cardinals
Boston Red Sox
San Francisco Giants
Houston Rockets
Minnesota Twins
Washington Redskins
Oakland A's
Toronto Blue Jays
Atlanta Braves
Chicago Bears
New York Rangers
Philadelphia Phillies
Chicago Blackhawks
Boston Bruins
Los Angeles Dodgers
Los Angeles Angels
New York Mets
Dallas Mavericks
Chicago White Sox
Cincinnati Reds
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Kansas City Royals
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