Sunday, December 16, 2012

Taking my Talents To South Lake Union (Amazon in Seattle)

I have been offered and accepted a position to work for Amazon at their offices in  Seattle on their customer service applications.  I will be moving there in early January, with the rest of my family joining me at the end of the school year.

This is obviously a very big and important decision for us.  We have built a life here in St. Louis and been surrounded by wonderful people, and it is not easy to think about leaving it behind.

I came to St. Louis for the first time in 1993, almost twenty years ago.  In that time I have graduated college, gotten married, had two children, held six full time jobs, been a part of two different faith communities, helped people become Catholic, taught many children and adults about both the faith and software development, and learned from many along the way.  In leaving the St. Louis community, I am leaving behind a good part of who I have been.

But I think this is the best move for me to continue the growth that has happened here.  I will have an opportunity to work on a critical application for one of the companies that is shaping the present and future.   This will also put me close to the ocean, and close to some of my in-laws.  We will be surrounded by many of the sharpest professionals in my field.

Reflecting on my time in St. Louis, I am quite thankful for many people who have welcomed me and helped me and our family grow.  In particular:

  • The faith communities at the Catholic Student Center at Washington University, and Holy Spirit Parish
  • My co-workers at the jobs I have had over the years, in particular the people at MasterCard and BJC, with whom I shared five years each.
  • The school communities the girls have been a part of, especially their current school of Rose Acres.
As I plan my move to Seattle, I bring a bit of you with me.  I ask you to keep me and our family in your prayers (particularly this week as Meagan goes in to the hospital for an IV "tune up"), and you will be in mine.

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