Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Rules For Fans In Same Color Shirts

This year's NBA and NHL seems to be setting a high-water mark for teams pulling the "dress all our fans in the same color" gimmick, and I think it's time we established some rules.

  1. Keep in mind that the Celtics, Lakes, Bulls, Canadiens, Devils, Yankees, and most teams that have enjoyed post-season success have managed to do so without this.  It is a mark of a second tier franchise, that thinks it needs secondary things like this to generate excitement during the playoffs, when it should not be necessary.
  2. Encouraging fans to wear their own shirts of the provided color is preferable to putting the same shirt on the seats before the game.  The former is an impressive show of solidarity; the latter is kind of creepy.
  3. Similarly, having patterns of different colors in different sections was cool once, but now is essentially turning your fans into props, and is thus lame.
  4. You can do this gimmick if your team has a distinctive color, or your team is strongly identified with that color.  If you're one of half the NBA or NHL teams whose color is blue, no dice.
  5. Under no circumstances should you dress your fans in the color the opposing team is wearing.  I'm looking at you, Dallas Mavericks and Oklahoma City Thunder.
  6. Only one team can pull this off per color, and the following teams have dibs:
    • Red -- St. Louis Cardinals
    • Black -- Kings
    • Orange -- Flyers
    • Yellow -- Pacers

      White is an interesting case.  The Heat were the first NBA team to do the gimmick.  The Phoenix Coyotes took the tradition with them from Winnipeg.  And now Winnipeg has the Jets again.

      But NHL teams wear dark at home now, so an NHL team wearing white would be in violation of Rule #4, so the Heat get white.
These are the rules; teams breaking them are open to ridicule, and screwing up their team's karma.

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