Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The state of discourse

If you haven't seem Rachel Maddow's interview od Jon Stewart, I would encourage you to do so.

One important point that Stewart seemed to be struggling to articulate is that, contrary to what is presented by the cable news networks, the real battle isn't between left and right.  Stewart offered "corrupt vs. non-corrupt"  and "extreme vs. non-extreme" as an alternatives, but I don't think either quite captured what he was trying to say.

I think what Stewart was trying to get across was more like "good vs. evil" or, since that may sound a bit too familiar, "good ideas vs. bad ideas."

I think the section on Bush and waterboarding was particularly powerful, though I'm not sure Stewart managed to drive the point home.   To many, the interesting thing about the waterboarding debate is what it says about George W. Bush, rather than what it says about us.

I don't want to pin waterboarding on Bush or the Republicans.  I want all parties to reject waterboarding.   I don't want to convict President Obama of being "pro-infanticide;" I want him and the Democrats to back off their support for abortion.

To many, it's a good day if they can prove some member of the other party is guilty of some depravity.  To me, that's a bad day.  It has to be done sometimes, but I hope we usually have better things to do.
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