Saturday, September 04, 2010

The Courage To Tell me What I Want to Hear

Jacob Weisberg criticizes Obama for not exercising leadership on immigration, same sex marriage, and the "Ground Zero" mosque.  (Apparently, the irony of publishing a "call to courage" at the beginning of a holiday weekend is lost on Weisberg).

Like most people who call for "leadership" (Catholics wanting "leadership" from their bishops being chief among them), Weisberg doesn't want to actually be led.  He just wants a presidential seal of approval for his own positions, which he trusts Obama secretly shares.

For someone like President Obama, which requires greater courage?

  • Angering Fox News
  • Angering Weisberg and his cohorts like Rachel Maddow, Paul Krugman, etc.
I submit that the latter requires more courage.  President Obama has given no indication of caring what Fox News says about him.  He is probably convinced they will criticize him no matter what he does.

Perhaps Weisberg should consider the possibility that Obama is exercising courageous leadership, but the object is not Those People Over There, but people like Weisberg who adopt a Manichean black/white view on these issues and stop listening to the other side.  Maybe he should reconsider his attitude toward those who disagree with him on these issues.

That would take courage.
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