Monday, September 06, 2010

Baseball Thoughts...

Cardinals and Rasmus
  • Reading this article, it seems to me that the whole "Rasmus wants out of here" thing is a bit overblown.  I suspect if one looked back at most players, they had a bout like this in their history.  I think the Cardinals should just ride it out.
  • Unless, Pujols genuinely can't stand the guy, and Rasmus's continued presence on the team would dissuade Pujols from re-signing.
  • I think part of being a successful organization is giving young talents like Rasmus room to grow.  If the culture of the Cardinals is one that resents hot new talents that come up (and can help the ballclub), they've got bigger problems than just an unhappy centerfielder.

Nyjer Morgan

There was some talk that Nyjer Morgan broke an "unwritten rule" by stealing two bases when his team was down by 11 runs in the fourth inning, and if so, that is a ridiculous rule, since a team shouldn't stop trying to win.

True enough, but Morgan's act wasn't ordered toward helping the Nationals win that ballgame, or any other game for that matter.  From a percentage standpoint, trying to steal bases when your team's down eleven runs is a terrible baseball play.  It was to deliver an "eff you" to the Marlins, and that point was not lost on the Marlins.  And when you do that to people, they tend to react in bad ways, e.g. throwing at you the next time you come up.

The Marlins didn't throw at Morgan because he broke an "unwritten rule," they threw at him because he hurt their teammate the night before, and was acting like a jerk, and they thought he needed a butt-kicking.  And I can't say I disagree.

There isn't a "rule," written or unwritten, against stealing bases when your team's behind.   There is a rule against being a jerk.  The need to fit everything into some hard-and-fast rule and withhold judgement is one of the weaknesses we have these days.
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