Sunday, June 13, 2010

Modest proposal for the NCAA

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Two news items from last week in college football:

  • Colorado joined the Pac-10; Nebraska joined the Big 10, remaining Big 12 South teams may bolt to Pac 10.
  • USC given sanctions for recruiting of Reggie Bush.
Look, I'm way past moral outrage about recruiting violations in big time college football.  Let's face it, there will always be some athletes who will come out of high school looking to cash in.  And some college programs willing to facilitate that. (e.g. wherever John Calipari is coaching).  

Meanwhile, you've got Division III tennis players afraid to eat a slice of pizza for fear of running against some NCAA rule.  To maintain the illusion that the two big-time college sports are amateur, we've made everybody's lives miserable.

So here's what I propose -- the losers in the Great Conference Shuffle secede from the NCAA and play by their own rules, including reasonable compensation for the athletes, and compete with it.

I suppose there would be some loss of prestige.  But, in football especially, it seems we're moving toward a world where a few big teams dominate.  Why should the test of the teams just do their bidding?

Anyway, this has zero chance of happening, but it would be interesting...

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