Monday, July 30, 2007

Sports roundup

  • The Cardinals had to go and win three straight from the Brewers to create the illusion that they can contend, so they probably won't be sellers at tomorrow's trade deadline.

    With Jason Insringhousen having said he would excercise is veto right over any trade, I'm not sure the Cards had any valuable parts anyway, but it could have been useful.

  • The games themselves were very exciting, with the Cards overcoming two five run deficits.

    I'd say the Brewers may be in trouble, and I'm predicting the Cubs take the Central.

  • The Braves had nab Mark Teixeira. I can't recall the Braves making deadline deals during their run of dominance. I guess Fred McGriff counts. We'll see what this does.

  • The Celtics apparently going to try to win the title with Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and nothing else. In the East it could work. Unless one of them gets hurt, which seems likely.

  • RIP Bill Walsh.

    As The Blind Side laid out, Walsh essentially ushered in modern football, and was the first of the "genius" coaches, with the 49ers being the first true "system" team. Other coaches like Lombardi, Landry, and Noll were more motivators and organizers, getting the players to perform at a high level. For Walsh, it was about the system. Even though they're very different, Bill Belichek is his logical successor.

  • Traning camp has started. Man, I miss football... And both the Rams and Eagles have reason for optimism.