Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Off topic

Getting a few quick items off my chest, and testing out some stuff I'm doing with the forum links and RSS feeds...

  • Well, I did my part. Didn't notice the bus or trains any more crowded than usual, though.

    While I'm here -- I notice that pretty much every Metro bus has wood paneling. Exactly who is this designed to fool? Does anybody think that actual wood is being used to put up little walls in a city bus?

    Oops -- just realized I was supposed to ride a motorcycle or scooter, not take public transit. Never mind, then.

  • This is the type of thing that drives people nuts about Apple. They can't say that MS's use of the Maximize button is a different but valid interpretation of what that button should do. No -- Microsoft is objectively wrong! How could anyone not think the Maximize button should just size to content! It's absurd.

  • Rick Garnett says some things that need to be said about the coverage of the sex abuse settlement. Of course, it's hard to say these things without sounding like you're making excuses for abusive priests or the diocesan officials that covered for them. But it does seem that a lot of the coverage (and the lawsuits) are not purely motivated by compassion for the victims.