Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Hillaryphobia...

Ross Douthat with a perceptive take on "Hillaryphobia" on the right. This seems to be the club that Giuliani will use to try to win the votes of social conservatives -- I may not be in lock-step with you on abortion, but I can beat Hillary, and you surre don't want her.

Douthat is correct that from a social conservtive perspective, it's unlikely a President Clinton would be much worse than a President Obama or President Edwards.

The thing is, that's exactly why I'm against her. It seems unlikely that Senator Clinton would bring about any truly radical change in any US policy. And if I'm going to support a pro-choice candidate, it better be for a damn good reason.

But then, in a Giuliani-Clinton election, Giuliani would represent a radical departure, in that it would establish the electoral viability of a pro-choice Republican candidate. So for that reason from a social conservative point of view, we might be better off with Senator Clinton. Add in my distaste fro Giuiliani's authoritarian streak and foreign policy instincts, and I could certainly see myself voting for Clinton in a Clinton-Giuliani election, though I wouldn't actively "support" her.