Monday, June 25, 2007

Making Bill Donohue look reasonable

Bill Donohue can be a blowhard.

He can come off as trying to establish Catholics as an aggrieved party, flopping on the floor at the latest perceived sleight. There are many times that I, as a Catholic, wish he would shut up, such as here.

But I will say this -- at least when Donohue opens his big mouth, the piece in question is what brought Catholocism into the picture. Donohue went after Robin Williams for making fun of Catholics, nto for failing to properly honor it.

Not so for the liberal scolds who criticize Knocked Up, who are aghast that the female protagonist did not seriously consider abortion before having her unplanned baby.

This is the equivalent of Donohue going berserk that a character didn't attend Mass even though the story clearly spans a Sunday. Or that an action hero didn't stop to pray before avenging his wife's murder.

Earth to cultural liberals -- not everyone in America shares your views. Many women's first reaction when becoming pregnant, planned or unplanned, is not to praise thier sisters who came before them so that the decision whether to terminate the pregnancy is hers and hers alone. Some see abortion as killing, and would never consider it. Not all of them are dismissible religious nuts, and might be sympathetic characters. Part of an artist's job is to reflect reality, and so, some of these people might be represented in the popular culture.

I'm sorry your worldview is so fragile that it is threatened by a character in a comedy who doesn't share it. But get the hell over it.

You're making Bill Donohue look like a calm voice of reason.