Thursday, June 28, 2007

Andrew Sullivan 180 watch....

Here, Sullivan celebrates GOP voters' tolerance for people's private sex lives, and says this is good news for Fred Thompson, who has had a colorful sexual past. Apparently, this "tolerance" is supposed to be a virtue.

In his very next post, Sullivan calls our attention to an interview with one of Mitt Romney's sons, in which he describes how the family would get together and turn the lights off. Title of the piece? "More Romney Weirdness."

So, apparently, ignoring that a candidate slept with many women, risking disease and pregnancy and mocking traditional concepts of marriages is a virtue. But it's OK to talk to another candidate's son about their private familiy customs that involved nobody else for signs of weirdness.

Look, Romney kind of creeps me out, too. I just wish Sullivan had some standards for privacy and tolerance that went beyond whom he personally like and dislikes.