Friday, May 11, 2007

Earth to Rich Lowry's e-mailer...

Rich Lowry posts an e-mail from an apparent Giuliani supporter.

My response -- maybe Giuliani's "strategy" will help win the nomination, but it won't help him win the election. Because we voters who are so fixated on abortion have been the GOP's most reliable voters, providing Bush's margin of victory in both elections. And to be honest, we have mixed feelings about it. We're not crazy about the war. We don't like torture. We may not even be convinced that lower taxes are the solution to every economic problem. But we abjhor the slaughter of 45 million unbron children that has taken place over the last 30 years, and have been willing to vote for anyone who gives the inclination that he might do something to stop it. Wihtout that, we have no reason to vote for you.

And if think you can get us to vote for you by calling your opponents soft on terrorism, think again.

This isn't a matter of tactics or strategy. This is right and wrong. The front-loaded primary schedule doesn't make killing the unborn all of a sudden right. It doesn't turn Roe vs. Wade into a sound decision.
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