Friday, April 06, 2007

No, David...

This is not the question we need to be asking ourselves, because our goal is to end abortion, not just maneuver the pieces such that there is a possibility that Roe vs. Wade will be overturned. And electing a president who sees no problem with the current legal regime on abortion is not going to make that happen.

But I sure do appreciate you taking the time to condescend to your "pro-life friends" to tell us what the single most important question we need to be asking ourselves is. As you know, we pro-lifers are simple folk who for some reason think that electing a president who wants to fund abortions might result in more abortions, and greater societal accpetance of abortion. Even moreso than electing a president who is friendly with pro-choice Senators. I'm sure glad we have smart friends like you to set us straight.

In that spirit, I will offer the single most important question Republican friends like you need to be asking yourselves -- why the hell should pro-lifers vote for people who have such little respect for what we see as a moral crisis?
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