Monday, January 08, 2007

Non-negotiable demands...

Via K-Lo at The Corner, Massacussetts social conservative groups endorse Sam Brownback over their governot Mitt Romney:

In order to preserve traditional values and actually win back ground in the ongoing fight for our culture, we need a leader who can articulate and fight for our values with compassion, optimism, and consistency. We know consistent leadership when we see it.


There's been a lot of debate in the last several years over whether Bush has used his office to advance the pro-life cause. The respones is typically a list like this And it is nice that Pres. Bush has used the power of his office to advance the cause of the unborn.

But the unborn deserve more. Why should I have to dig to find out what Bush has done for the unborn? Are the unborn better off than they were seven years ago? I'm not sure.

We need a leader who will help move the country to a greater respect for all life, not someone who will temporarily strengthen our position. Bush isn't it.

And so far, Mitt Romney isn't it, either.
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