Thursday, December 21, 2006

Site News

I finally figured out how to get rid of that annoying indent that was in the title and paragraphs in my posts. I'm still futzing with the format a bit -- I'm not happy with the blog title format, for example, but things should be a little more stable.

With beta, we've got labels for posts. Applying labels is a bit of an arduous process, but I think I've figured out some ways to make it less so I'll try to catalog the posts with labels from time to time.

I'll probably also throw up a blog roll. It's interesting how that develops. The old standbys -- Sullivan, InstaPundit, Amy Welborn, etc. are no longer daily reads. But others have taken there place for me. I wonder if my experience is typical. It seems that after a while, you know what these folks think, and there's no point in seeing what their take is on the latest news, since you can probably guess it. But some, like Kaus, Mark Shea, and Bill Simmons remain interesting to me.

I also post some stuff over at WikiFray, which is a group blog. I'm still not entirely sure how I'll split what I post here, there, or in both places. Inside-baseball Catholic stuff will probably remain here, and general audience stuff will probably go over there.
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