Monday, September 04, 2006

Couldn't help but think of it reading this letter to Carolyn Hax in yesterday's paper:

Last time I checked, women choose to have babies, therefore they aren't disabled. My friend says they should be afforded the courtesy. I think I'm already paying for them and their kids (i.e., school costs, time away from work). If you can't stand, don't get pregnant.

This is where the culture is going -- when everything is a "choice", then nobody has any claim on our compassion or decency. Have a child with a birth defect? Well, you made the "choice" to have her, you deal with consequences alone. Pregnant? Don't expect special treatment, that was your "choice." Don't want life support removed? That's your "choice," don't expect help from us.

I also have to ask -- who's really pro-woman here?
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