Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Interesting pair of posts over on MOJ discussing the proposals from Kristen Day, head Democrats for Life.

I really liked Prof. Sith's post -- it's a reminder of what we who call ourselves pro-life stand for, and why we do. We're not about maximizing the total number of living humans in the world -- we're for respecting the lives of those that are here, and building a culture (and legal structure) that shares that respect.

Which is why I side with Prof. Sith that these proposals, and other things like the 95-10 initiative are admirable, but not a reasonable (or superior) alternative to pursuing an outright ban on abortion.

The legal situation established by Roe v. Wade is bad for two reasons. One is the direct impact of a million abortions a year, the impact of which would be difficult to overstate.

But, in my opinion, more importantly, it enshrined the process of disposing of inconvenient human life as a Constitutional right. This is a major part of the Culture of Death, which continues to bear the bitter fruit of the current debates about torture, euthanasia, and embryonic research.

Things like the 95-10 initiative address the first problem, but not the second. Which is the more just society? One with current levels of abortion, but all of which were regarded as criminal acts, or one with 95% fewer abortions, but all of which were considered valid exercises of a constitutional right?

To think of it another way, what is the more just society -- one in which many acts of torture are committed, and the perpetrators are prosecuted, or one in which fewer are committed, but they are accepted?

I submit that the more just society is the one in which more affronts to human dignity are punished, but are punished and seen as violations of the society's value system.

I see how this current Administration is difficult to support for someone who takes the Gospels seriously, and I appreciate the work that Democrats for Life are doing to make the Democratic Party a viable alternative for those who respect unborn life.

But so long as the Democratic Party stands for maintaining abortion as an absolute right, regardless of how rare they would like and are working to make it become, they will not win my vote if I have the alternative of someone who would not have it so.

UPDATE: Prf. Stith has posted a reply making similar points.
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