Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mirror of Justice carries a Commonweal piece about adoption by same sex couples that includes a lot of what is wrong with today's thinking.

Similarly, gay couples, having staked everything on love in a world that is often hostile toward them, let alone tolerant, are better suited than most to the challenges of caring for children who need unconditional acceptance. If, having risked being ostracized and rejected by the community they-like anyone else-desire to be a part of, they are still willing to offer their lives and their hearts as a haven for children in the most desperate need of protection and unconditional acceptance, who on earth are we to say they are unworthy?

Well, we're the Church founded by Christ Himself, carried forward from apostolic succession, that's who. We are the Body of Christ on earth, that's who. We are an institution that has cared for countless orphansober the past two thousand years, that's who. We're the Catholic Church.

I have no doubt that same sex couples have withstood challenges. But to say that trumps the unbroken 2000 year teaching that a child has a right to be raised by a mother and father is quite silly.

Beyond, that this logic is quite faulty. If we were to apply it, we would think that children who had had an alocoholic parent or who had been sexually abused would make the best parents for those who had experienced similar difficulties. I think our experience has shown that this is not the case.

Experience matters, but not more than the wisdom of our Mother Church.
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