Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I understand the logic of Jonah Goldberg's latest column -- if Iraqis vote to keep Americans in place, then it cannot be spinned as an "occupation," and they would likely vote to keep them because they know that without the Americans there, it would descend into civil war.

This does well for the current operation, but undercuts the initial invasion, because couldn't most of the above paragraph have been said about Saddam? Wasn't his iron-fisted rule keeping Iraq from descending into civil war? Didn't he win "elections?" And even if those elections weren't free, might he have still won elections for the same reasons Americans would win this election?

I guess I think we ought to aim for better than to have our presence in Iraq justified by the same logic that Saddam could have used.

Friday, April 14, 2006

My least favorite feature of local news promos now is that when some news figure sits down with a reporter and answers questions, typically a crime victim or family member, the station will tease the interview with "a victim of the identity thief speaks out!"

No, she answered questions from a reporter. There's a difference.

Monday, April 03, 2006

One note about the selections, a month late -- there was some comments from the committee that they were using their choices to "send a message" to power conference schools that they needed to play a stonger out of conference schedule.

I have a problem with this -- the commitee's job is to pick the teams that have a chance to pick the teams that have the best chance to win, period. If that's what they did, I have no problem with it. But they shouldnt be using their selections to "send a message" about out of conference scheduling. If a team's poor schedule makes it impossible for the committee to evaluate the team, that's one thing. But if the committee really believes a team has a better chance to win than another, but passes on it because to punich it for playing a weak schedule, then they're going beyond their job,
I was really impressed with the way the Bruins played Satruday night. I'm used to watching UCLA and seeing a bunch of McDonals's All-Americas with no clue how to play with each othere. They seemed to underachieve even in the year they won the title, if that makes any sense.

But on Saturday I saw a team playing a beautful team game of basketball, both on offense and defense. I think they'll win tonight.