Monday, March 13, 2006

Billy Packer (who is descending rapidly into self-parody) harrumphed that by the putting as many teams from the Missouri Valley Conference (4) in the tournament as the ACC or the Big 12, the commmitee was saying the MVC was as strong as those conferences, which we as viewers were supposed to recognize as a ridiculous proposition.

They did no such thing. Duke is a #1 seed. Texas is a #2. The highest MVC seed is a #7. What the committee did say was that the fourth-best team from the MVC has demonstrated more strength then the fifth best team from the ACC or Big 12.

For all his bluster, Packer never made a case that a specific excluded team from the ACC or Big 12 was more deserving than a specific included team from the MVC. Probably because that would have involved advocating on behalf of teams like Maryland and Florida St. that fumbled their many chances.
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