Friday, March 17, 2006

The idea of"Roe for men," that fathers should be able to fill out a form during a pregnancy's first trimester freeing them from all parental obligations is fairly obviously immoral.

But man, it sure shines a harsh light the culture of death, a light it may not be able to stand, as evidenced here. Heres' a key passage:

Maybe there is no good answer to the dilemma of male reproductive rights. Still, it is an issue that should prompt us to rethink some deeply held assumptions. It should make us realize that, if men who want a right to be released from their parental obligations seem callously egocentric to many people, that's how women who want abortion on demand look to many anti-abortion advocates. It should make us ponder the fact that, while paternal desertion is often cited as evidence of male irresponsibility and selfishness, more than a million American women every year walk away from the burdens of motherhood.

It almost makes you want to get behind such an initiative to force people to think through the message that a right to abortion sends about parental responsibility independent of it being a "woman's rights issue."

But then I remember about ends-means justification... Tom? Zippy?
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