Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I guess my biggest problem with the ports deal is that it is yet another example of the Adminstation's seeming insistence that the only ones expected to bear any costs for the war on terror are those opposed to it.

Question the treatment of detainees, and you are treated to a lecture about how this is war, damnit, and civil liberties are nice and all for the guy who snatched a purse, it's ridiculous to apply those same standards to people who are out to destroy a city.

But we shouldn't raise taxes and we shouldn't cut domestic spending and we shouldn't excercise additional diligence in approving things like port operation deals. No, the only sacrifice we should make is to accept lower standards on the treatment of detainees. Coincidentally, there is a high correlation between those opposed to the war and those who favor high standards.

If the Administration wants me to swallow lowered standards, it might help if they would deomonstrate that they're making some adjustments as well.