Monday, January 02, 2006


  • I've inspired a comic!.
  • "The price on the tag is the price you pay; not a cent more!" Wait a minute -- you guys are still the ones writing the prices on the tags, right? This is generally the way price tags work, isn't it? Seems like a strange thing to advertise.

    What I'd really want to hear is that nobody pays a cent less than the price on the tag, that it represents the absolute rock-bottom price at which you will sell the car.
  • Where was this defense all year?
  • Without looking at the spreads, my prediction for them is

    • Jags at Pats(-8)
    • Steelers at Bengals(-3)
    • Skins at Bucs(-4)
    • Panthers at Giants (-5)

    I like the home team in each game, except I like the Skins to beat the Bucs.
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