Friday, October 07, 2005

I think one of the problems with the Meier nomination is that it seems Bush used similar criteria to select Meier to those that were used to select poltical candidates like Bush himself. And, Katrina and Iraq has demonstrated that this won't cut it anymore.

Bush was selected for "electability." He has a natural affability, and personal charm. He came from a family most people had a positive regard for. He had an appealing personal story of dependence and redemption, and an apparent religious faith. He did not have a long record of accomplishment, but he professed the right principles, and fit the right profile.

Similarly, it looks like Meier was select for "confirmability." She doesn't have much of a record on Constitutional issues, but she's a woman, which will make her hard to oppose, she's an evangelical Christian, plus she seems, and everyone professes that she's a really nice lady.

But that's not enough for the Supreme Court, or president or governor or mayor, either. We need people who can do the job, not nice people who fit into the right categories and have an appealing story.
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