Friday, September 02, 2005

I have never been so ashamed to be an American as I am right now.

The fact that we are essentially leaving thousands of people to their own devices with no food or water is an embarrassment of the first order.

And Orin Kerr is right. This all comes down to the president.

In my opinion, the president should, at a minimum, be telling Americans what they can do to help. He should be aware of and telling us what supplies are needed and where. Is there a shortage of buses? Could some districts have closed school today so there buses could be used for evacuations? Or would that cause more problems? People don't know, and it's the president's job to make sure they know.

And somebody needs to be running things at the convention center.

I remember when John Paul II was here, we all had to take buses to the dome for the papal Mass, and we all 100,000 of us were out of there about an hour afterwards. Now I know there are drastically different circumstances, and the planning for this even began months in advance, but it still strikes me as insane that it takes days to get about the same number of people out of New Orleans.

I also wonder if when selecting our leaders, we should spend less time wondering where they stand on "non-negotiable" issues, and what is a non-negotiable issue and what is not, and more time examining whether the candidates can actually do the job.
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