Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I think lot of the rhetoric about how this is a war being fought only by the poor and wealthy is overcharged.

But I'm getting increasingly annoyed reading blogs by commentators who in one post scream how "This is war, damnit!!!" and while it golly sure would be nice if we could fluff these detainees' pillows and read them night-night stories, the fate of our nation and my cute daughter is at stake, so everyone needs to put aside their moral objections and be OK with us kicking a few detainees. Then in the next post, talk about the shipment of DVD's that just arrived at their house, or complain about some very minor irritation compared to being shackled to the floor in your own filth, or display pictures of their vacation taken with their brand new digital camera.

Am I wrong to detect a bit of dissonance here? Now, it would not be a simple matter to translate fewer DVD purchases into a more effective war on terror. Nevertheless, it seems strange to me that our moral principles, our commitment to civil rights, must be the first thing many of us will sacrifice for the war effort. And that this sacrifice is borne mostly by those who aren't so sure these military options are such a great idea.

I'm just not inclined to respond favorably to requests that I set aside my moral principles by people who are not making any apparent sacrifice themselves.
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