Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Remember the last election? When Catholics were told that they must base their votes on "non-negotiable" issues, or "intrinsically" evil actions? That we must favor a candidate who opposed same sex marriage, but favored a war of annexation and execution of all homicide convicts because the former is intrinsically evil and the latter is not?

Well, here's the fruits of that thinking, at least here in Missouri. Lots of business breaks, massive cuts to health care for the poor, but no abortion legislation, because the legislature didn't quite get around to it.

I've said this before, if Catholics are going to be expected to vote solely based on these non-negotiable issues, then the representatives that are elected based on this thinking should be held to the same standard. But they're not. And when we try to, we're told not to make the perfect the enemy of the good, to be happy with what we have, and that it's better than the alternative.

But I'm not happy. 1,000 more unborn children are going to be killed today. And I am beyond tired of being told that this must be my only priority on Election Day every two or four years, but that I can't expect it to be a priority for others the rest of the time.
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