Friday, April 08, 2005

It's a very sad thing that many people's reaction to something like this is not outrage at the situation, but skepticism because this is being brought up by that "pro-life" crowd.

We've got a credibility problem. And I'm not sure it can all be laid at the feet of the biased media. But it's hindering our ability to effectively witness.

This poses a problem for me in how to react to stories like this. I want to say "Screw Federalism! Screw the separation of powers! Screw the Constitution! Screw the law! If these are the results, then why should I respect them?"

But then I remember that this is perfect fodder for those inclined to dismiss the witness of pro-lifers as the ravings of extremists.

So, I'm in a bind. Is the current system salvagable? Do we need to be more extreme, since the current culture is so depraved, or less so we can be more effective at working within it?
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