Monday, April 25, 2005

Having received the Cathoic equivalent of an InstaLanche (maybe I should try to come up with a clever term for that as well), I see I'm getting some additional readers, so I thought I'd clarify what this blog about.

Generally, this blog as a few quick bursts of activity when I get passionate about something, surrounded by weeks of little or no activity. I have two daughters under 2 years old, so I usually don't have time to formulate and put down my thoughts on atopic while it's still hot. Thus, the lack of posts on the death of John Paul II and the election of Pope Benedict XVI. I didn't have much to say that wasn't being said elsewhere.

As to how I feel about Ratzenfreude, I think it's an understandable reaction, but one that we shouldn't dwell in.

I think Andrew Sullivan's reaction is revealing in that it exposes his rehotrical "style" -- pick someone on the other side, label him and "extremist", then try to associate all other adversaries with this "extremist." The problem comes when you actually have to work with the person that you've made into a bogeyman. Then you have to deal with the flesh and blood human person, and not the caricature you've been presenting.

In any instance, I think it's good that people won't be able to pretend anymore that the Catholic teachings weren't some idisyncratic whim of John Paul II, but the teaching of the whole Church. I won't be happy if people decide to leave, and I pray that we won't, and I will also pray and work that the Church teaching be presented to the world in a way they can hear it.
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