Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Betty Cuniberti describes the arduous process a woman had to got through when one pharmacy did not stock morning after contraception.

Here's a map which will show you the tremendous journey she had to make. The Schnucks that did not carry the perscription is #6; the Walgreens that filled it is #3. (This is a temporary location; it will soon be in #7, which would have somewhat alleviated the journey). As you can see if Walgreens refused her, she might have had to travel even further...

There's a couple other beauts here as well...

Last year, a condom broke while Jennifer and her boyfriend were having sex.

Wait -- I thought condoms where the answer to every problem! That Pope Benedict XVI will be personally responsible for all AIDS deaths in Africa if he doesn't change the Vatican's policy of opposing condoms. But now they break...

For those who believe life begins and becomes equal to the woman and every other human being at conception, the difference between conception and pregnancy is moral hair-splitting. There was a time when they were entitled to their moral code, and Jennifer was entitled to hers. But as the country shifts toward theocracy, those days are dwindling.

In other words, when her side was winning, "choice" was great. Now that the other side is asserting their choices, maybe "choice" wasn't such a great idea.

Decreasing the number of abortions by preventing unwanted pregnancies is an area in which pro-choice and pro-life advocates should be striving to find a meager patch of critical common ground.

This is the line that really ticks me off. Here's some other common ground -- give pregnant women free access to ultrasounds so they can make an informed choice. Someting tells me Cuniberti would eschew that common gorund as well.
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