Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Let me get this straight...

Catholics must ignore all other issues in order to vote for "pro-life" Republicans. Anyone who doesn't is motivated by a desire to saw baby's skulls in half, and should seriously consider his worthiness for communion. They should shut up about things like Abu Ghraib, preemptive wars, slashes to medicaid, and capital punishment since the alternative is a party that celebrates sucking babies' brains out. After all, Catholic teaching doesn't perscribe specific policies on these issues, so Catholics should ignore them.

But these Republicans need not sacrifice in order to advance the pro-life agenda. If it will be polticially costly to nominate a truly pro-life justice, then we should understand if they do not. And we sholdn't expect a right to life amendment. The press is hostile after all. There's only so much you can do. They can parade pro-choice politicians in prime time during the convention, and save their pro-life rhetoric for the afternoon when nobody's watching. The abortion rate can continue to rise while their in power. But we shouldn't expect more from them.

Let me repeat -- I am not suggesting the current Democratic Party as a viable alternative for Catholics. I am saying that Catholics who've had to swallow a lot of crap to vote Republican because of the abortion issue should expect the same level of commitment from those elected. And when we ask for it, we deserve better than to be called sympathizers for baby killers.
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