Monday, November 15, 2004

Dear President Bush,

I was one of the voters who helped you to victory on November 2.
Specifically, I am one of the voters who voted for you because of
"moral values."

I am not happy with the foreign policy your Administration has
pursued, in particular, the war in Iraq, and the apparent disposition
toward war that the war in Iraq made manifest. I am also very unhappy
that the Administration has pushed to make torture an acceptable

I voted for you because I could not vote for a president who would not
use his position to do something about the over 1 million unborn
children who are killed each year by abortion, and would push to
expand research that destroys embryos.

I have been disappointed that your Administration seems willing to
bargain with the lives of the unborn before it bargains on other

I hope you will use this victory to push for some real protections
from the unborn, making judicial appointments who are not inclined to
see the Constitution as denying the unborn any rights.

People like me carried you to victory. Please do not disappoint us
again. You are in my daily prayers as you commence your second term.
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