Tuesday, November 16, 2004

on this post, this is part of the reason for my opposition to same-sex marriage.

There needs to be a particular name, and a particular respect for long-term committed relationships in which children are created. Yes, our culture has chipped away at the ideal and desirability of marriage, through divorce contraception and "dads as doofuses" stereotype. Nevertheless, what is the incentive for an inner city man to marry the mother of his children, if the same sex couple down the street without children to worry about is also "married?"

We've really screwed marriage up in this country. People don't see it as a relationship that allows me to serve a spouse, children and the world. People see it as a means through which to get ones needs met. When it fails to do that, it can be discarded.

I think we married folks need to give powerful witness to the joys of living a committed married life, and what it allows us to accomplish that we couldn't otherwise. And we need to transform the culture to reflect this.

In the end, opposition to same sex marriage isn't about bigotry. It's about stopping the erosion of marriage in our culture and starting to turn it around. Perhaps that will be the Paschal Resurrection from this debate. The same sex marriage debate is causing us to think about what marriage is, what it should be, and what we need to do to get it there.
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