Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I don't know if you've noticed, but since the election, there's been a hunt on in the media for signs of "hypocrisy" from those who voted for Bush for "morals and values" reasons. Things like noting a high divorce rate in "red states," etc. That way, the Kerry voters can feel all superior.

Now, this is bull, even if, for example, all pro-lifers "don't care about the living" it wouldn't change the grave evil of abortion. But, this argument still has appeal to some, and I am sensitive to it.

So, it really ticks me off when a conservative publication, in this environment, publishes a book excerpt favorably noting Machiavelli's advice to leaders, with an example of when a failure to do evil lead to more evil. It makes us look like hypocrites, and feeds the notion that our "morals and values" are based on bigotry rather than a consistent ethic of the value of life.

That's part of why I think it's so important to loudly and clearly reject Ledeen's thinking.
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