Friday, October 08, 2004

Great discussions on the voting guides over at Disputations Blog.

One of my problems with the various "voting guides for Catholics" that have been coming out is that, to me, they seem to start with the conclusions, and work backwards.

It's as if I wanted to make an argument for who is the greatest baseball player of all time. One set of criteria I could put down is that the best baseball player must be from the past 50 years, have hit 500 home runs, been a Gold Glove fielder at a critical defensive position, and won a world championship, and I end up with... Mike Schmidt!.

Buy why home runs, not hits or batting average? Well, that probably would have led to a different conclusion.

I see the same sort of dynamic in selecting the non-negotiable issues, especially with the "intrinsically evil" requirement. It seems designed to exclude issues that might not favor Republicans, which is unfortunate.

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