Friday, October 29, 2004

Hmmm.. something tells me they didn't read my letter.

Kerry - Edwards - Stronger at Home. Respected in the World.
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Thank you for your e-mail supporting John Kerry and John Edwards.
Thousands of people like you from across the country are committed and
working hard for a Kerry-Edwards victory in November.

Here are John Kerry's remarks on A New Course For America:

Vote for Kerry-Edwards before November 2. Go here for details:

Problems voting? Here is the number of the DNC Voter Hotline:

For the final stretch of the campaign, your continued efforts to support
Kerry-Edwards are more critical than ever. A strong grassroots
organization is imperative to get John Kerry and John Edwards elected.

If you are already volunteering, thank you for your great efforts. If you
haven't please take the following steps to get involved:

1) Sign up at our VolCenter by clicking on this link: Once logged in to the
VolCenter, you will find many ways to help, such as calling fellow
volunteers, traveling to swing states, and hosting house parties.

2) Contact state and local offices directly to volunteer. Go to to find Kerry-Edwards state office(s) and
other useful information. For Democratic Party offices, enter your state
in the "Get Local" section on the left of

To join forces with voters that have similar concerns, go to our
communities page: and find ways to
connect to Kerry support groups around the country.

Get straight answers to attacks and distortions:

The Kerry-Edwards campaign receives public funds for the general election,
so federal campaign finance law prohibits us from raising more private
funds. You can still contribute to the Democratic Party for critical
field programs get-out-the vote efforts to make all Democrats victorious
in November. To contribute to the Democratic Party, click on the
following link: or mail your check

Democratic National Committee
430 S Capitol St SE
Washington, DC 20003

You can also contribute to the Kerry-Edwards 2004 General Election Legal
Accounting and Compliance (GELAC) fund to help pay legal and accounting
expenses incurred by the campaign. Click on the following link: Or mail your check

Kerry-Edwards 2004 GELAC
P.O. Box 77998
Washington, DC 20013

The Kerry - Edwards Team

If you don't want further email from the Kerry-Edwards campaign, reply to with Remove in the subject line.

Your contribution is not tax-deductible as a charitable contribution for
Federal income tax purposes. Paid for and authorized by Kerry-Edwards
2004, Inc.
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