Monday, May 24, 2004

I am still 100% against abortion and pro-life. I believe bishops have the right to deny communion to pro-choice politicians. Those who say they don't should decide -- is abortion a moral issue that shouldn't be mixed into politics, or a political issue that shouldn't be mixed into religion? Catholic pro-choice politicians who say they need to "serve the interests of diverse constituents" ought to answer how their support for legal abortion serves their unborn constituents.

But there's something about this "deny Kerry communion" effort that really, really bugs me, as any reader can tell.

If the Republicans and Democrats were to switch positions on abortion, I'm honestly not sure how many of these critics would switch with it.

I think that for some the abortion issue is an excuse to vote for tax cuts and possibly unjust wars and pretend that we're not behaving sefishly.

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