Wednesday, May 05, 2004

I am beginning to be convinced that one of the main sicknesses of American culture these days is that when someone raises an issue of injustice in the world, we respond by questioning where the messenger was when some other injustice was being committed by people we're less sympathetic too.

Veterans of pro-life debates are likely most familiar with this tactic. Witness for the unborn, and you'll be given all sorts of unsolicited advice about things you should do if you "really care so much about children."

Missouri bishops remind us not to negelct the poor when cutting the state budget, and are lecured about why they don't do more about life issues even though they do plenty.

And now, faced with the abuse and torture of prisoners in Iraq, some are asking "where were these people when Saddam was decapitating people?"

We're all so eager to change the subject when we're actually challenged.
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