Monday, March 22, 2004

Today, James Lileks engages in my second least favorite of his tendencies -- barrellfishing

You'll notice that Lileks never engages serious opponenents to the war -- nope, it's always a silly celebrity, a college kid on a web board, or a silly protestor.

So, instead of confronting Richard Clarke's criticisms of the Administration, which is the subject of the day, Lileks picks on a protestor holding a stupid sign.

His argument for war seems to be:

  • I'm still pissed about 9/11.
  • I have a daughter
  • Them anti-war people are evil, idiots, or both, like this guy!

I have a daughter too, but that doesn't mean I think it's a good idea to piss off the world.

I think Lileks is a great writer, but I think if someone were to catalog reasons "why they hate us," he could do worse than to look at the Bleat.

Here's a guy with a wife, a daughter, a house and a dog. He's got not one job, but two. He tells of receiving shipments of DVD's he forgot he ordered, and constant shopping trips and travel. When his wife lost her job, he received all sorts of (unneeded) financial support.

Yet, he's got a chip on his shoulder. He's pissed off, and thinks you should be, too. And if you're not pissed off, he'll try to get you pissed off again. Don't you remember he has a daughter? Don't you remember how you felt in the days after 9/11?

I dunno, the self-congratulatory warbloggers just don't do much for me anymore.

UPDATE: For the strawman-hunters out there, I am not saying that Lileks's good fortune and irritability justify attacks on the US. I should also note that Lileks's donating of his donations to the Heifer Project is very laudable.
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