Sunday, March 07, 2004

While I'm tossing stones at the titans of the blogosphere, I figured I'd offer this:


I am a lifelong [Democrat/Republican]. I have voted for the [Democratic/Republican] candidate in every election I have ever voted in. Heck, I even voted for [Dukakis/Dole]!

But not this year. Every day, it becomes clearer that my party I have loved is going over the edge when it comes to [national defense/gay marriage], and I'm not going to be a part of it. It's pretty apparent that they're more interested in people like [Naom Chomsky/Pat Robertson] than people like me. Whatever happened to the party of [John Kennedy/Abraham Lincoln].

When the [Democrats/Republicans] show that they've gotten serious about [national security/gay rights], I might consider supporting them again. Until then, I will be what I always loathed -- a [Republican/Democratic] voter!

Sullivan seems to be a particular sucker for this type of message. I suppose becuase it is very flattering to Sullivan. The reader is finding himself hurtling over the edge, looks for some stronghold of reason to hold on to, and finds... Andrew Sullivan! It also allows Sullivan to make the case that even people of the opposite party agree with him.

But I suspect there's a lot fewer of these switch-overs than one would suspect by reading the letters Sullivan posts.
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