Friday, January 09, 2004

This is really a sucker weekend for playoff picks. Why? We've just seen all the road teams chalk up impressive victories. Meanwhile, we've forgotten how good the road teams are. It's tempting to think the road teams are coming in with "momentum" and "emotion", but they had to play a game last week, and the home teams didn't that's a big edge.
  • Panthers at Rams
    I don't really like this Rams team. They've got a good defense, but don't seem to handle the blitz well. Still, they've got offensive weapons, and the Panthers don't.
    Pick: Rams

  • Titans at Patriots
    To me, this is the easiest pick on the board. The Titans are banged up. The Patriots have won 14 straight, and have had a week to rest, and will be playing at home on a cold night against a (realitvely) warm weather team.
    Pick: Patriots

  • Colts at Chiefs
    Colts finished a lot stornger than the Chiefs did. Need a defense to win in the playoffs, though.
    Pick: Colts

  • Packers at Eagles
    Again, I'm not buying this "team of destiny" crap. The Packers needed overtime to beat the Seahawks, a terrible road team, at home. The Eagles are a better team than the Raiders, the Broncos' second team, and the Seahawks.
    Pick: Eagles
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