Friday, January 02, 2004

Back by lack of demand, my predictions for each NFL playoff game this weekend.

  • Cowboys at Panthers
    Neither team seems to be able to do much on offense, and both have good defenses. I'm thinking Parcells finds a way to push the Cowboys to vitory.
    Pick: Cowboys

  • Titans at Ravens
    Titans have a good passing game, but not much of a running game. Ravens have a good running game, but not much of a passing game. Both teams have strong defenses. I'm thinking it's easier to stop Jamal Lewis than Steve McNair.
    Pick: Titans

  • Broncos at Colts
    Don't know what to think of this game. The Broncos ran all over the Colts a couple weeks ago. I don't think the Colts will let that happen again.
    Pick: Colts

  • Seahawks at Packers
    Both teams have strong offenses. I don't buy the Packers mystique, but winning in Green Bay is a tall task for the 'Hawks. They're a year away.
    Pick: Packers
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