Monday, January 12, 2004

Best weekend of football I can remember. Both my teams (rams and Eagles) involved in overtime playoff games. I don't think I've recovered yet...

Rams Fans And Media
After this weekend, I don't ever want to hear a Rams fans carp on about how much beter they are than the negative fans of the Northeast.

After turning on the team in the middle of the game on Saturday, they have spent the last two days criticizing an iffy decision by the coach and insisting that we need a new quarterback and all new coaching staff.

They forget a few things....

  • The Rams were 12-4 this year, despite a roster overhaul with this seemingly inept coaching staff and quarterback.

  • The Rams coaches and players didn't quit when they were behind in the game, unlike the fans who started booing them and leaving (leaving!) when the Rams got behind.

  • Andy Reid made the "aggressive" play and "trusted his quarterback" in a simialar position in last night's game. And what happened? On the first play there was almost an interception that would have cost the Eagles a chance to win the game, and there could have been an interference call that would make the field goal more difficult. On the second play, the quarterback was nearly sacked, which would have resulted in the time dripping off the clock and the Eagle not having a chance to win. And this was with Donovan McNabb, who'd been to two championship games, not second year starter Marc Bulger. Maybe it wasn't such a dumb call....

  • This wasn't the terrible indictment from Martz on Bulger the media are mkaing it out to be. Bulger had a nice year, but he's not Peyton Manning or Steve McNair at this point in his career, and I think he'd be the first to say so. Not putting the ball in his hands doesn't mean he never will.

Rams fans, excepting perhaps Yankees and Lakers fans, are the most spoiled fans in sports.

Quick hits

  • Few kickers look more pathetic when trying to make a tackle on a kick off than Mike Vanderjagt.
  • I wasn't hearing boos from the crowds in Kansas City and Philadelphia when their teams got behind....
  • 4th and 26!!???

That's it for now.
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