Friday, November 21, 2003

Catholic blogs and comment boxes are overflowing with people criticizing the bishops for not defending the Church's teachings.

But when I'm on secular bulletin boards like the Fray engaging in debates about these teachings, I find myself alone.

Where are all these brave defenders of the faith? Yelling into an echo chamber, I'm afraid.

Carping about the bishops isn't going to do that much. Witnessing to the secular world will. But we don't really care to do that. We'd rather sit around and complain about how the bishops aren't doing enough, and can you believe there's a Dignity mass at this Church, and how could the bishop meet with this known dissenter, etc. etc.
Andrew Sullivan finds himslef in one, as he applauds the sham marriage of a convicted killer who will never get out of prison.

Is this the best way for this woman to spend her life? Doesn't matter. It helps support the case for same sex marriage, so three cheers for the parent killer!

After Sullivan's celebration of the Massacussetts judicial fiat, he has absolutely no credibilty in supporting same sex marriage as a "conservative" ideal. Nor does he have any credibility for accusing his adversaries of abandoning conservative principles. None.

Monday, November 03, 2003

I got an eerire sense of deja vu reading Mickey Kaus describe an LA Times front page story about attitudes toward Bush in Michigan? Why is that?

I know! There was a similar story on the front page of yesterday's St. Louis Post-Dispactch!

This one's even more ridiculous, as a St. Louis paper feels the need to send a reporter to Michigan to get a sense of what "Middle America" is thinking, as if it gets more "Middle America" than the St. Louis area.

Apparently, according to the bottom of the article, visiting Allen Park, Michigan is a bit of a tradition for the Post-Dispatch because of "Reagan Democrats."